The T-48 is THE multi-purpose rod. Its characteristic action makes it capable of tackling any angling situation without being found wanting.



Its highly-refined action will give you that special sensation that an angler looks for in each fight - so every fish remains engraved in your memory.


Right on the spot i'm looking at


Breathtaking accuracy. Thanks to its exclusive technology using carbon woven at 45°, the T-48 is the most accurate rod there is… The lead lands right on the spot you're looking at !



The T48 may be slim and attractive, but it's also an exceptional casting tool, capable of pushing you beyond your limits, and allowing you to fish out there where the others can't cast!


Hand-built in France

Our experienced technicians produce each rod in accordance with strict manufacturing protocols, unique in the world of fishing rods. A veritable work of art, created to fit your image. Because every angler is unique...


To our recognised traditional expertise, we add cutting-edge technologies and exclusive composite materials from our partner research laboratories. The combination of these complex techniques requires a rigorous methodology and extreme precision, worthy of the clock-making industry.

12' - 2,75lbs
PLEASURE : 120/100
POWER : 60/100
DISTANCE : 60/100
From £509 
12' - 3,25lbs
PLEASURE : 100/100
POWER : 75/100
DISTANCE : 75/100
From £527
12' - 3,25lbs
PLEASURE : 120/100
POWER : 75/100
DISTANCE : 75/100
From £527 
12' - 3,5lbs
PLEASURE : 60/100
POWER : 100/100
DISTANCE : 75/100
From £536
12'6 - 3,5lbs
PLEASURE : 75/100
POWER : 100/100
DISTANCE : 100/100
From £571 
13' - 2,75lbs
PLEASURE : 120/100
POWER : 60/100
DISTANCE : 60/100
From £571 
13' - 3,5lbs
PLEASURE : 70/100
POWER : 100/100
DISTANCE : 100/100
From £597

What our customers say about the rods...

David - 

Just got back from a gravel pit session, what a pleasure: awesome action on the fish, and looks wicked too. I love my Japanese green banana rods and their lines - thanks again for these little gems and the advice. My banana rods are the best rods I’ve ever had - they’ve way surpassed my expectations!

Richard -


Again let me say thank you to everyone at banana rods for your help and great customer service.  I will certainly be recommending your company to my friends and fellow anglers.

Hervé -


They are amazing ! Thank you !

Roland -

Thank you Banana Rods for this product. Rods that are really nice to use, easy to cast (even with a stick float that’s too full), and kind on the fish (tested and approved by grass carp!). In terms of the look, I wasn’t sure whether to get the AC/DC or the Queen of Snow, but I think I made the right choice :)

Fabien - 

The T48 are very versatile rods - I’ve had mine for 2 years and I’m very happy with them!

Danny - 

Finally christened my banana rods! And a new UK PB at 35lb must be a good omen! Thanks for the fantastic rods!

Julien -  

I’m over the moon!!! These babies feel great - good physical sensation when you’re in a fight, and they’re accurate. The equipment is beautiful and high quality - a real joy. I’d buy them again in a heartbeat. Haven’t yet had a chance to try long distance casting, but for casting over shorter distances the kit already goes where you want it to. Thank you again - I might be back soon to complete this set of rods!

Sébastien - 

Thank you to all the team for having realized this project and respect the delivery time so that I can do my enduro, so cool.

Alan - T48 12’ 3,25lb

Just unpacked my rods & they look fantastic........over the moon with them,can’t wait to try them.Thank you so much for your company s excellent service,will have to order spodmarker in the new year so it all matches.

Once again thank you !

Philippe - 

The finish of the T48 is perfect. The rod action is stunning, and finally some rods that are made in France, congratulations for rising to this challenge. The 3.5 is very powerful, but still very pleasing to the touch, even with small fish. Having a final proof showing the finish of the rods is a real bonus. The conversations I had with Valentin over the phone were very professional and friendly, as was the order tracking. There were over 3 months between ordering and delivery, but when it’s such a luxury item you have to learn to be patient.

Jérôme - 

What a joy - great feel, nice suppleness with the fish, formidable casting accuracy and very powerful, basically I love it. Thank you thank you, it really is just what I was looking for, and the customer service has been remarkable.


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