When will my rod be delivered ?

Standard delivery time for a "Made-To-Measure" order is twelve weeks. This can vary depending on the order. We produce our rods one at a time and ensure that each rod is of the highest quality.

How can I pay ?


When you order on our site you can use PayPal to process your payment and thus you will be protected by PayPal's payment policy. 


Secure Payments for Customers in France and Overseas

Banana Rods SAS accepts several payment options: Credit Card (CB, Visa, MasterCard) in full or in three instalments (instalments are taken as three monthly payments of a third of the total price including tax)


Credit Card Payment - 3 Instalments

When paying by credit card you will be taken to our secure 3D anti-fraud page managed by Credit Agricole and Paybox. You will have two options, payment in full or in instalments at no extra cost. If you choose to pay by instalments your card will be debited on the anniversary of the initial payment. 

How long is the warranty period ?

All the mechanical components of Banana Rods rods have a 10 year warranty. This also includes rod guides, rod blanks and reel seats, assuming normal usage and that they have not been subject to heavier loads than those recommended. 


How are the rods delivered ?

Banana Rods make terrific rods so we only use the best company to transport your rod and accessories.  


Each Banana Rods order is shipped in a rigid tube. All components are individually wrapped to protect the varnish and components during delivery. Finally, everything is carefully packed in high resiliency bubble wrap to make sure your rod and accessories are protected.  


When our rods leave the warehouse, they are taken by UPS and delivered straight to you the following day so that your rods arrive quickly and so you can use them right away. Banana Rods make terrific rods so we only use the best company to transport your rod and accessories.


Who will deliver my rods ?  


Banana Rods works solely with UPS, the top transport company in the world. Deliveries are made Monday to Friday, between 9am and 6pm. We will notify you when your rod leaves the Banana Rods workshop and you will receive your delivery within 48 hours. If you aren't home when UPS first attempt to deliver your parcel they will try again the following day. You can pick your delivery up yourself from the closest UPS depot on the same evening if you prefer. For more information about tracking your delivery call UPS at 08457-877877 or track your delivery on the UPS website using the following tracking number:


Can you send me photos of my rod while it's being made ?

When a custom rod is being manufactured, photos of important parts of the finish are sent to you just before your rod is finished. Once you give us the okay your rod will be completed.