​ Banana Rods has developed an exclusive technology using carbon woven at 45° to reduce the phenomenon of twisting in the rod, known as "torque". At the moment of casting, the variation between the butt ring and the tip ring is no greater than 12°, instead of the 90° seen in ordinary rods on the market. Our Precision X45 technology allows you to propel your lead with remarkable accuracy.



For all types of angling where power is key, our engineers at Banana Rods have developed the POWER X90 process, making it possible to wrap the carbon blank in two high-modulus carbon helixes angled at 90°. These layers of extra-fine carbon make it possible to take a rod beyond normal limits, giving it incomparable power and increased strength.


​ Close observation of the manufacturing process has shown that the alignment of carbon fibres deteriorates with the increasing number of turns when being wrapped around the mandrel. To counteract this phenomenon, which is faced by all manufacturers, our engineers have developed IFP technology, perfected after months of research to overcome this deviation of fibres during the rolling process. The fibre is systematically realigned every 7 degrees, and the quantity of material used is optimised. This results in a rod that is lighter and more responsive than other rods on the market.


Banana Rods works closely with leading high-technology carbon manufacturers. All our carbons use a complex matrix of carbon nanotubes that reinforce carbon cloths due to their complex three-dimensional structure. In particular, our NANO MATRIX technology allows us to use carbons with an extremely low resin content. This makes the rod lighter and more reliable, with enhanced performance.



Rods that benefit from UHM technology are manufactured using mainly ultra-high modulus carbons - the finest available. The use of these cutting-edge carbons calls for a high level of expertise in the carbon-fibre process, and it's here that our engineers at Banana Rods excel. Rods built using UHM technology are lighter and more responsive, with much greater resonance.


As part of our ongoing programme of research and innovation, Banana Rods has developed a new whipping technology – the carbon whipping. Placed directly over the foot of the ring, using a carbon developed specially for Banana Rods, our carbon whippings are then cured in the oven following the same process that is used in the manufacture of carbon blanks. Carbon whippings present numerous advantages:


Technical advantages: Reduction in weight of whippings, high resistance to rings being torn out (more than twice that of conventional whippings), increased flexibility of the ring/blank bond, plus enhanced rod sensitivity…


Aesthetic advantages: highly attractive dark grey carbon effect – discreet, guaranteeing visual integration and total harmony between the carbon of the blank and the carbon of the whipping, and reducing the thickness of the whipping.


The best compromise between looks and performance !